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Rustic Round Cuff in 3mm Recycled Copper

Rustic Round Cuff in 3mm Recycled Copper

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These rustic cuff bracelets are handcrafted to be comfortable and stylish for any gender. They are hand-forged from sturdy 8 gauge recycled copper wire, measuring approximately 3mm in diameter, and will adjust slightly to achieve the perfect fit. The warm glow of raw copper compliments any style and combines with our other copper cuff styles or stacking! Don't see your size? No worries! Larger sizes are available upon request! Just send us a message.

Don't see your size? No worries! Larger or smaller custom sizes are available upon request! Just send us a message.

Measuring Your Wrist for Cuff Bracelets:
The best way to get a good fit is to measure the inner circumference of a cuff bracelet you already have that fits you well and look for a bracelet with those dimensions. If you don't have a cuff bracelet to use for comparison, then you can measure your wrist. To do this, use a cloth tape to measure around your wrist where you will wear the bracelet. Use this measurement as your wrist size which corresponds to the sizes in the drop-down menu.

Copper - Copper is an element and a mineral known for its warm red-orange color, ductility, and malleability. Copper has been used for thousands of years for jewelry and many people find that copper jewelry relieves joint pain from arthritis. When copper is in contact with the skin, it combines with the air and oils in the skin to create a green layer of copper salts, which is harmless and will usually wash off with soap and water. Over time copper will darken to a natural patina if left exposed to air. The best way to keep your copper jewelry from tarnishing is to wear it regularly, otherwise, copper patina can be removed with a polishing cloth and stored in an air-tight plastic bag to slow down tarnishing.


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