About Us

Crafting Stories in Metal Amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains

Welcome to Three Crows Metalworks, where artistry and nature intertwine in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are a family-owned and operated jewelry studio located in downtown Sparta, North Carolina. We are dedicated to meticulously handcrafting high-quality jewelry that not only reflects the majestic energy and spirit of the mountains but also embodies our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship, warm customer service, and the artistry of nature.

Our journey began in a quaint shed nestled by my parents' home, a space that echoed with creativity and the whispering winds of the mountains.

Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our artistic journey found its muse in the landscapes that unfolded outside our studio windows. The rolling hills, towering trees, and the ever-changing dance of flora and fauna inspired our creations, each piece telling a story of the mountains we call home.

Our studio, once a cozy shed brimming with dreams, evolved into a vibrant space on Main Street in Sparta. It's a testament to the passion that fueled our hands, shaping raw metals into intricate pieces that mirror the organic textures and rugged beauty of the mountains that nurtured our craft.

Our name is a reflection of our journey and a nod to the whimsical. Inspired by my mother's fascination with crows and ravens, those intelligent creatures with a penchant for collecting shiny objects, we embarked on naming our studio. Initially drawn to "The Raven's Nest," we settled on "Three Crows Metalworks," its roots in the family of crows that frequented our first studio, and the three of us, three crows, who create and collect shiny treasures.

Beyond crafting jewelry, we're crafting connections—with the mountains, with the creatures that call it home, and with you, our cherished patrons. Each piece is more than metal; it's a piece of our story entwined with the rich tapestry of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

As you explore our creations, know that each piece carries the essence of our mountain home. It's a piece of the shed where it all began, a piece of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a piece of the Three Crows that inspired our name.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

Warm regards,

Maggie, Diane and Lou Morrison
Three Crows Metalworks