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Mountain Moonscape Turquoise Pendant (3)

Mountain Moonscape Turquoise Pendant (3)

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Sterling silver mountain ranges and evergreen trees glow beneath a gold crescent moon in these handmade statement pendants. Each mountain range and tree is individually formed and textured and then arranged into a rolling landscape, framed in sterling silver. In this pendant, the dark night sky is complemented by the earthy vibrance of turquoise. The back of the pendant is embellished with a light wave texture and a small logo plate.

This pendant comes on our standard 18-inch 1.7 mm diamond cut rolo chain. We also offer custom styles and lengths of chains, sold separately, at this link.

Length - 43 mm (1 5/8 inches)
Width - 30 mm (1 3/16 inches)

100% of the silver used in our designs is recycled. Silver is a precious metal, and Pure silver, also called fine silver, is 99.9% pure, often stamped ".999". Pure silver is too soft for products like jewelry. So, to make fine silver more durable copper is added, creating sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, often stamped "sterling" or ".925". Our sterling silver only ever contains silver and copper, and never contains other metals like zinc and nickel, which can irritate sensitive skin. Over time, any sterling silver jewelry exposed to air will tarnish, but this tarnish can be easily removed with a polishing cloth.

Gold Keum Boo
Keum-Boo is an ancient Korean gilding technique where 24K gold foil is applied to fine silver using heat and pressure. Pure gold (24K) and fine silver have a similar atomic structure, so once the metal is heated to a temperature of 500-700F and pressure is added, an electron exchange at the surface creates a permanent diffusion bond.

Turquoise is an opaque mineral that occurs in beautiful shades of blue, bluish green, green, and yellowish green. It has been treasured as a gemstone for thousands of years. Blue minerals are rare, and that is why turquoise captures attention in the gemstone market. The most desirable color of turquoise is a sky blue or robin's-egg blue. Some people inappropriately describe the color as "Persian blue" after the famous high-quality material mined in the area that is now known as Iraq. After blue, bluish green stones are treasured, the greenish color is caused by small amounts of iron substituting for aluminum in the turquoise structure. The color of turquoise might also be altered by small amounts of iron or zinc substituting for copper in the turquoise structure. Some turquoise contains inclusions of its host rock (known as matrix) that appear as black or brown spider-webbing or patches within the material. Many cutters try to produce stones that exclude the matrix, but sometimes it is so uniformly or finely distributed through the stone that it cannot be avoided. Some people who purchase turquoise jewelry enjoy seeing the matrix within the stone.


Recycled Sterling Silver

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